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[SOLVED] How to test mac camera? webcam not working on MacBook? , Complete Guide 2021.

 Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, most of us have started working from home and also started doing video calls due to lockdown. and because of that video calling has become the most common thing in our professional as well as daily life. let it be attending interviews, meetings, or visiting a doctor everything has become online through video conferencing and one of the most common problems most of us face is related to internal and external webcams. This easy guide was created to help you solve general queries like MacBook camera not working, how to test MacBook's camera? , How to turn on the MacBook camera?

How to check if Macbook's camera is working or not.?

Apple's iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro devices include a camera called an iSight camera, which has a green indicator light to the right side of it, which turns on when the camera is used by any application. To check your mac's camera is working or not you can follow the simple steps given below :

  • Go-To launchpad

Webcam is Turned-OFF / Not working

  • Open Facetime or Photobooth

  • Once a camera is turned on, You'll notice an indicator flashes a green light near your MacBook's Camera, Which means your mac camera is working.

Webcam is Turned-ON / Working 

How to Turn ON camera on your MacBook

  • Go-to Launchpad 

  • Select an application that uses an iSight Camera. (You can choose FaceTime or Photobooth, both of these applications support it )

  • Once FaceTime or Photobooth Launches, you will see a green light indicator on your MacBook's top and off course yourself on the MacBook's screen.

Try Another app on your MacBook:

If your MacBook's camera is still opening up with FaceTime or Photobooth

then you can just download any of the camera application from the App Store that supports iSight Camera. A list of a few Third-Party iSight Camera supported apps has been given below,

  1. Quick Camera,
  2. Hand Mirror,
  3. Webcam Effects.

How to check if your MacBook detecting an iSight camera hardware?

If your mac camera is not working, It can be possible that an iSight Camera's hardware is faulty or has been disconnected. You can check if your MacBook is detecting the camera hardware or not,

See how :

  • Go-to Finder and then open up Utilities by clicking on the Go option in the menu bar.

  •  Select System Information and Click on Camera from the list of available hardware given on the left side.

  • If you can see the Model ID & Unique ID of FaceTime HD Camera then your camera has been recognized by mac else you need to contact apple customer support or go to the nearest Apple service center.

How to test mac camera? [ Online ]

The easiest way to test your MacBook's camera is to use free online webcam test site available on the web such as __________. We'll use _____________ in this guide

Open Safari or any web browser you have installed on your MacBook

Type ______________ into your browser's URL bar

Click on the Test My Webcam button on the website.

Allow the permission box to let the site to access your camera.

Your webcam's output should then display on the website page, indicating that the webcam is working. if you are using an external camera and no image appears during the webcam test try reconnecting the camera. 

How to give permission to the apps to use the camera?

Are you using macOS Mojave or later in your MacBook, then you need to permit apps to let them access the webcam, Here's how to that,

  • Choose Apple Menu  from the menu bar, Select system preferences, then click on Security and Privacy

  • Open the Privacy tab which is the last tab, then click on Camera in the left sidebar

  • Choose the required checkbox next to the applications that you want to access your MacBook's camera in.

Update your macOS/software to the latest version 

If you are using an old macOS or software then you should update your macOS to the latest version available. Currently, Mac OS Big Sur is the latest macOS available for MacBook Air 2015 and later. Also, un-updated apps can cause the problem, so updating all the camera-related application is a good choice. Here's how to update your macOS to latest version :

  • Choose Apple Menu  from the menu bar, Click on About This Mac 

  • You will see the current macOS version installed on your mac, select Software Update option from the bottom

  • The latest available macOS for your MacBook will be displayed on the screen, To update your mac to latest macOS, Select Upgrade Now option over there and Update process will start.

Reset the SMC on your MacBook

If you still can't access the internal webcam ( iSight Camera ) on your MacBook, you might need to reset the SMC to make it working again. Here is an easy article to Learn how to reset the SMC on your Macbook Camera.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Why is my webcam not working on Zoom?

Check if all the application that has access to the camera are not using the webcam or are closed, you can close these applications from activity monitor. Restart your Mac. If it doesn't work out then try to uninstall and reinstall the Zoom Client for Meetings latest version from

How to Check a MacBook Camera

Open Photobooth or FaceTime app from Launchpad, The webcam will turn on in the application.

How do I find the camera on my Mac?

You can access your camera in Photobooth or FaceTime application in your Macbook. There's no specific app for mac called Camera until now.

There is no connected camera MacBook, What To Do.?

you will probably get this error in Image Capture on your mac, but there's no need to worry about it you can still access your camera in FaceTime, Photobooth, Zoom, or the Skype app.

Conclusion :

So at any point of time if you face this camera related issue on your Mac, you did not need to get panic or take your Mac to Apple Center, Just follow this simplest troubleshooting guide to fix it, most of the time mac camera not working issue is from software end and you can easily fix it on your own.


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